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UPC Barcode Font - Primer

Using the Carolina Barcode UPC Barcode Font

Developing a UPC Barcode Font is difficult because of guard bars, digit mirroring and the check digit. But the Carolina Barcode UPC Barcode font makes the encoding method easy for you. Just think of the barcode as split into elements. Note the element blocks represented by different color coding below:

UPC for Barcode Font - Colors

The Carolina Barcode UPC barcode font is requires you to use different lines of the keyboard to type the different elements of the barcode. The description of how to do this is below, but we've designed a Microsoft Excel worksheet that does the calculations for you and converts the UPC numbers into the characters to type on the keyboard. Click here for a description of and to download the UPC Barcode Font Excel worksheet.

To use the Carolina Barcode UPC font, use the colored keyboard template below to type in the digits. Note that it is assumed that either have the full 12 digits of the UPC code, or you've done the check-digit calculation to give you the 12th digit. Read about check digit calculation here. We've color coded the rows of keys on the keyboard to correspond to the colors labeling the barcode in the UPC code immediately above.

The Keyboard Layout for the UPC Barcode Font

UPC Barcode Font Keyboard Layout

The first row of the keyboard is orange, the second is blue, the third is red and the fourth is green. From the color-coded barcode above, you will type in the digits of the UPC A code using the following rows:

Keyboard Template Color UPC Code Component
Orange (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0)   - Number System Digit (1-digit)
Blue (Q,W,E,R,T,Y,U,I,O,P)  - Manuf. ID Number (5-digits)
Purple (Top Orange row, the "-")  - Center Guard (1-digit)
Red (A,S,D,F,G,H,J,K,L,<semicolon>)   - Product Code (5-Digits)
Green (Z,X,C,V,B,N,M,<comma>,<period>,/)  - Check Digit (1-Digit)



Encode a UPC Barcode using our Barcode Font

We're assuming you've got the CarolinaBarUPC_ Normal.ttf file installed. Lets use the sample UPC A code we've been looking at - "644209420957". Here's how you encode it:

  • Using the Orange row, type the first character, or a "6"

  • Using the Blue keyboard row, type the next 5-digits. We're encoding "44209" so we type "RRWPO". Lower or upper case is OK

  • Using the Purple key, type a "-" (dash)

  • Using the Red keyboard row, type the next 5 digits. We're encoding "42095" so we type "FS;LG"

  • Using the Green keyboard row, type the check digit. We're encoding a "7" so we type "M"

So to encode "644209420957", we type "6RRWPO-FS;LGM". Your screen should look like this:

UPC Barcode Font Image 1

Now, highlight the text.....

UPC Barcode Font Image 2

Go to the menu bar (where it says File, Edit, View) and select Format. Then select the CarolinaBar-UPC-2-18x101x720 font, and set the font size to over 20....

UPC Barcode Font Image 3

Then press the "OK" button to see your UPC A code.....

UPC Barcode Font Image 4