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Select the POS Software First!

There are a variety of components that can make up your POS system. These include cash drawers, receipt printers, barcode scanners, credit card readers, pole display and other hardware. The most important part of
POS Software Selection is Important the system is the POS software. With literally thousands of POS software choices, you must take care to select the software that will work well for your business.

Realizing the benefits of a POS system requires a strong commitment. That commitment should start before the purchase of any system. The success of implementing a POS system will largely depend on selecting the right POS software. After installation, discipline and commitment is required in performing the functions required to make the data in the system accurate. For example, inventory quantities will never be accurate if all incoming shipments of product are not entered into the POS system.

There are primarily two types of POS systems.

Retail Point of Sale - Retailers have less intensive POS system needs because transactions are completed all at once at the end of the shopping experience. Often, retailRetail Checkout Station transactions have little product variation within the realm of their product offerings. Retail POS systems may require matrixes if you sell clothing or shoes. Matrixes allow you to track sales at the individual item level, while giving you the ability to report sales by more generalized categories. For example, you may want to report on sales of brown shoes from the sales data of 11 sizes of 6 styles from 3 manufacturers of brown shoes.

Restaurant / Hospitality POS - These types of POS systems require different functionality than those of Retail Point of Sale systems. From "fast-food"Restaurant POS System restaurants that relay order information to screens in the preparation area to fine dining establishments that need to be able to create, store, add to and process variable menus and checks, restaurant systems are tailored to the establishment. Some systems allow mobile order taking, payment at the table, etc.

Buying POS software is a big investment, and can have a significant impact on the efficiency and success of your business. Still, many business owners don't take the time and put in the effort required to make an intelligent POS software selection. Generally, POS system software is feature-rich to appeal to the broadest possible customer base. These features make it difficult to quickly grasp how each "module" of the system (like check-out and product receipt) works together. Further, there are so many choices of POS software that understanding each well enough to compare the benefits of one versus another is time consuming and confusing. BUT - it is important to do up-front research and software qualification.

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