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Questions to Ask Yourself About POS System Software

Here are some questions about POS software features to consider when evaluating your business's needs. These are questions you can ask the POS software supplier before you meet with him:

    • Does the POS system talk to (interface with) our accounting system or replace it? If it interfaces with the accounting system, how complete is the integration? Does the POS software make general journalQuestions to ask about POS System Software entries or store the data on the accounting system at the transaction level?
    • How easy it to initially configure the system to my business? Once set up, specifically how would I change prices, add and delete items, track inventory, etc?
    • Does the POS system allow me to use my current merchant account, or do I have to move to a different one? Is the card authorization processed by the POS computer, or from outside equipment?
    • Does the POS system allow check verification?
    • Does the POS software allow me to continue my current method of discounts and promotions?  Does it offer loyalty programs or gift card transactions? What other special promotional features are offered?
    • Does the POS system automatically submit my orders via EDI? How do I enter a manual order? How do I process an order that has just been received?
    • What type of reports does the POS system produce? How timely are they? What are they used for? How can they help me with my business?
    • How many registers can the software support? How many stores? What are the network requirements to tie everything together? How much does each additional register and work station cost to add?
    • Where is the data stored? If it isn't on my equipment, what is the monthly cost of that storage? How secure is the data?

The key here is to start getting an idea of the features you need, and to have them in mind when you evaluate different POS software.

On the next page, we offer pointers about What to Do Before You Buy POS Software .