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Management Benefits of Barcode Attendance

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Management Benefits of Barcode Time and Attendance Systems

Saving money by reducing labor expenses associated with keeping payroll is a popular incentive for implementing a Barcode Time and Attendance system., but there are other savings to be had by using these systems:Barcode Attendance Increasing Productivity

Improve Organizational Efficiency and Performance - Understanding how your workforce uses time leads to equal or great savings in overall labor productivity. Summary reports of detailed job and operation data give your labor management team performance snapshots of the organization. It can give you the answers you need to maximize the use of your most important assets - PEOPLE.

A good Barcode Time and Attendance system will give you data to answer questions about how your business runs. For example:Barcode Time and Attendance Reduces Work

  • Does having one fewer employee in a department / operation / area negatively impact production?
  • Can a junior employee perform the same job / operation / transactions as a more senior employee at a higher salary?
  • How effective is your training? How long will it take to see the payback from training investment in individual and team productivity?
  • Is that new process / equipment / procedure costing your money? Saving you money? How much?
  • Which employees in a specific department / operation / area are the most productive?

A Barcode Time and Attendance system gives your management team the tools they need to ensure that labor decisions they make are cost efficient ones. Here's some of the ways:

  • Easily monitor excessive absence, overtime and paid time off
  • Ensure billable hours are allocated correctly to customers.
  • Manage headcount efficiently to handle business volume by department / operation / job
  • Promote top producers based on performance

Barcode Attendance Ensuring ComplianceEnsure Government, Contract and Customer Compliance - Workforce federal and state regulations become more stringent every year. The Fair Labor Standards Act, The Family Medical Leave Act and the like require timely and accurate labor reporting. Barcode Time and Attendance systems greatly reduce the effort required to comply with state and federal labor reporting requirements.

Many companies have contract and customer requirements to report direct labor hours associated with the production of products or completion of orders. Barcode Time and Attendance systems give you the ability to easily collect and report that data - significantly reducing the management effort to assure compliance.

Avoiding potential regulatory fines and eliminating risk of contract non-compliance represents a significant benefit of implementing the system.

Increase Employee Satisfaction - Time and attendance chores are laborious extra responsibilities that employees don't enjoy. Manual time and attendance accuracy suffers becauseTimecards Eliminated with Barcode Attendance employees often see the task as laborious. They will put it off as long as possible and then do it hurriedly - leading to mistakes and inaccuracies. Automating the process and allowing labor transaction data to be input from multiple devices reduces the time spent on the process and makes it much simpler to input the transactions accurately. Performance reports are welcomed by all but your lowest performers, and often we find workers "racing" with themselves and others to set new production "records".

Barcode Time and Attendance systems also significantly increase the satisfaction of your supervisors, managers and other internal customers. Having the ability to provide timely reporting and analysis of their subordinates' performance allows them to do their jobs more effectively. These reports are available to your managers "on-demand" and take only a short time to produce. Most systems allow users to define and generate custom reports - without burdening precious payroll, HR or IT staff.

When employees can do their jobs more effectively, they are happier and more productive.

The management benefits of using a Barcode Time and Attendance system are multiplied if the system can be integrated into other business systems like accounting packages, MRP systems, WIP tracking system and the like. These additional benefits are "force multipliers", making the other business systems more efficient as well.

Convinced? Lets move on to "How Barcode Time and Attendance Systems Work".