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How Barcode Attendance Works

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How Barcode Time and Attendance Systems Work

There are 3 components that make up a Barcode Time and Attendance system. First, barcode readers are used to allow employees to make quick and accurate time transactions. Second, data taken from these devices needs to be managed and stored by PC's. Third, management of the time transactions, payroll generation and detailed reports is done by the Time and Attendance software. Let's look at each one in turn:

Parts of a Barcode Time and Attendance System

Data Collection Devices - In order to capture time and attendance data, the employee has to have a quick and accurate method for recording time transactions. This is accomplished by using fixed and movable corded barcode scanners with an ID card that has the employee number in a barcode. Both types of devices require help in processing the data. The transactions on the fixed scanner will be just like those of a time-clock, so the device itself can be programmed to update the Time and Attendance database appropriately. 

To capture detailed job or operation data, the employee will use a barcode scanner attached with a cord to a PC or other computer running the Time and Attendance software. The software manages the sequencing of data input and updates the Time and Attendance database appropriately.

The employee also needs easy access to the barcoded job or operation number. This can be printed on the work order or can be part of "template" sheets attached to a fixed surface or in an easily accessible binder. You can use any method works best, as long as the barcodes are easily accessible. 

Data Collection and Storage Computers- When the employee scans a barcode, the data has to be processed appropriately into the database. That means that to log detailed transaction data, the employee has to enter the transaction information on a PC running the time and attendance software. Normally, the individual PC's (and the fixed scanner described above) will be attached to a computer network. The data updates to a database stored on either a company server or a shared file area on a specific computer.

Barcode Time and Attendance Software - Time and Attendance software is the most important piece of a barcode Time and Attendance system. Selecting this software is critical to the success of the overall system. The software itself has to be easy to use and allow the robust reporting abilities in order to maximize system ROI. Most manufacturers offer free demo programs for you to evaluate. Well talk about Barcode Time and Attendance software more in the next section. 

Now that you understand how they work, do you want to see how to get started with a Barcode Time and Attendance system ?