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Before You Buy POS Software

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Tips for Selecting POS System Software
Questions to Ask Yourself About POS Systems
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What to do Before You Buy POS Software

  • Investigate the POS software company - When you purchase POS software, realize that you're not necessarily buying a product, you're entering a partnership. After the installation, you'll have to rely on the company for tech support and pointers on how to make the most of your purchase. The POS software company needs to be responsive in fixing bugs and issuing updates that include new features. They should be a respected and viable "player" in the POS software industry. Here are some questions to ask and answer before you make your final selection:

    • How long has the company been in business?
    • Has the company won any awards, been recommended by trade publications, associations or prestigious businesses?
    • How quickly does the company offer updates to "fix bugs"?
    • How does the company handle installation?
    • What data backup features come with the system? Can you make an automatic data backup schedule?
    • What is availability of tech support? What is the monthly cost? What is the "worst case" time for a call-back? What happens if the system "just won't work" one day? Are there techs that can come on-site?
    • Does the company offer training? What training is recommended? What is the cost?
    • What is the financial stability of the company? What happens if the company "goes under"? (Definitely ask your sales person this question, and gauge their surprise. Salesmen from established and reputable companies have a ready answer because they've been asked this multiple times by other prospective customers.

  • Request and Check References - The POS software representative should have a list of customers that serve as references. Ask for them. Call every one, and ask questions about the value, ease-of-use, support and their overall satisfaction with the POS system software. Ask if they wish the system could do anything better.

  • Other considerations - Experience, the quality of the initial installation, training and support are all key to the success of  a new POS system implementation. Make sure that you have a "warm" feeling that the POS software supplier will partner with you to make sure you can make the transition, minimizing disruption.
Lets take a look at the components that make up a POS system: POS Components 1 .