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We will do our best to answer your questions, concerns or comments. Carolina Barcode is committed to continually improving its products and services. We want to hear from you!!! You'll be surprised by our promptness and helpfulness. Contact us via email at the address below or enter your question via our "Contact US" page. We respond within 24 hours to all requests and questions. 

Please include all your contact information, including your phone number.

Online Support

We've tried to provide all the information you'll need to understand and use our bar code fonts. Here are some pertinent links to descriptive information on the site you may not have looked at yet. If you don't find the information you need, just drop us and email.

  • FAQ - Frequently asked questions hold the solutions to the questions that are asked daily. 
  • Products Page - This page is the clearing house on where to start. Links to demos, primers and product purchase pages 
  • Standard Code 39 New Primer - The primary demo download page for Windows users (Mac information is the same), this page gives you an overview of the use of the Standard Code 39 Barcode Font, and has links to more detailed information.
  • Standard Code 39 Old Primer - Older information with the specifics of the Standard Code 39 barcode font. Gives you a more advanced description of the Standard Code 39 Barcode Font
  • Extended Code 39 New Primer - All the information you need to understand the Extended Code 39 Bar Code Font. Like the Standard Barcode Font page, this gives you links to other up-to-date product information
  • Extended Code 39 Old Primer - Older information, advanced description of the Extended Code 39 Barcode Font
  • Code 3 of 9 Readme - This document holds some basic starter information on code 3 of 9 as well as some advanced topics.
  • Code 3 of 9 Primer - This document holds all that you need to know in order to create a 3 of 9 barcode.  It also includes links for members to download the full version of our fonts.
  • UPC Barcode Introduction - Gives you a description of the UPC A barcode, its elements, and how to calculate check digits
  • UPC Barcode Font Primer - Instructions on how to use our Free shareware barcode font, along with links to the Excel worksheet calculator and a video demonstration
  • UPC Barcode Font Excel Calculator - Instructions and video on how to use our Free Microsoft Excel worksheet to calculate keystrokes and check digits automatically - for use with our free UPC barcode font
  • Code 2 of 5 Primer - (non-released BETA) This document holds what you need to know in order to produce a Code 2 of 5 barcode.  Unfortunately, due to complexities of the symbology, you will need to know some VBA techniques in order to get a code 2 of 5 barcode.
  • Old UPC Readme - (non-released BETA)  This document holds what you need to know in order to create a UPC-A barcode.  While it is a little more difficult than code 3 of 9, it can be done manually.

Phone Support

In order to keep the price of our fonts low, initial support is done through e-mail or from the web site itself.  If a problem cannot be solved or your question can't be answered through e-mail, one of our support engineers will contact you via telephone. Please include your full contact information in your email to us, or when filling out the "Contact Us" page.

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