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Most barcode companies on the web want to sell you a printer designed specifically to print barcodes on rolls of barcode labels. Those printers are fine for applications where you are printing a lot of labels, and applying them to boxes or products, and you need to print them all the time. Unfortunately, they can't print anything else, and are pretty expensive. Dedicated barcode printers aren't really appropriate for the someone just getting into barcode labeling. Starting out, most people want to keep their investment to a minimum until they see if their new barcode system will work. In these situations, a barcode font used with sheet address labels and a word processing or worksheet template is a inexpensive way to get started. With a barcode font, you can use your exisitng laser printer to print barcode labels. You don't have to commit to a label design and buying hundreds of labels on a roll, along with the specific printer and barcode printing software. When you want to put a barcode on a document, doesn't it make sense to have the barcode printed when the document is printed? It just doesn't make sense to print the document, print the label, then affix the label to the document so that you can scan it later. A barcode font is the most effective way to get the barcode on the source document - in Word, PDF, Excel or any other document format.

We understand that there are free code 39 barcode fonts out there, and if you're concerned primarily with cost, one of the free fonts might be for you. If you want to be assured that printing barcodes will work the first time and every time, or you need to deploy barcode printing on documents in your organization, you definitely want to consider our products. We stand behind all our barcode fonts. Have a problem? Just email us and we'll get back to you within an hour. If your still having problems, we'll give you a call and walk you through getting you up and running. Discover what the customers below already know - Carolina Barcode Fonts are stable, cost effective and reliable.

Barcode Font Customers

Carolina Barcode is proud to offer an extended collection of barcode fonts to enable you to easily add barcodes to your existing applications.  Adding barcodes has never been easier than it is today.   Prices start at only $29 with quantity discounts available.

Check out the demos of our Code 3 of 9 which is the same as Code 39 and Code 2 of 5 barcode fonts. You'll find that our pricing is the "best on the web", and the fonts are of higher resolution and have more options than our competitors. If your a Mac user, you'll be interested to know that we are one of the few font companies that offer barcode fonts for the Mac, and have offered them since we started our business.  

As always, upgrades are FREE to existing customers, so there is no time like the present to get started printing barcodes.  Download your trial copy of our barcode TrueType or Macintosh fonts and see just how easy it really is to add barcodes to your existing applications. 

David Finley

Owner - Carolina Barcode