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Barcode Fonts - Excel Example

As little as $29 gets you printing barcodes today!  Using these barcode fonts from Carolina Barcode, you can start creating id badges, asset tags, product labels, etc.  You can finally print barcodes without having to purchase special hardware, software, or font cartridges.marble_background.gif (2920 bytes)

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Microsoft Office Examples


The barcodes in these example use the “CarolinaBar-B39-2.5-22x158x720” size and may not show properly if you do not have this particular font installed.  If you do not have the full version installed, you can install the sample version to view the examples.

File Type



Sample Font

This is the font used in the examples.  You need to have this font, or the font from the full version installed in order to see the barcodes properly.  If you download this font, you will unfortunately have to install the font manually.  To do this, save the file to your hard drive.  From the control panel, open the fonts folder.  From the fonts folder, choose [File], and [install new font].  Select the file that you downloaded.
VBA Scripts

This file contains the VBA scripts that can be used to create global functions.  Once installed, you can simply reference one of these functions in your cell to format the text to be a valid barcode.


This file contains an example of how to integrate functions into Excel in order to easily format barcodes.


This file contains an example of using Word in order to create barcodes.  A "How to" section is included as well as some test sizes for you to test your printers and scanners.

In Progress
This file will contain and example of usage in Access.  If you are already familiar with modules in Access, it should be a straight forward process.  Add the text from "VBA Scripts" to a new module.  Call the functions from queries, forms, or reports.