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Barcode Fonts - Code 3 of 9

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Code 3 of 9 Primer

Code 39 is also known as Code 3 of 9.  It is by far the easiest barcode to implement. To encode characters, simply surround any combination of supported characters with the * character.  For example, if you want to encode "123", you would type in "*123*".   




Difficulty Level

Beginner - Basic barcode knowledge is a plus but not required


Start Characters

The * is the standard start character.  The ( character is an alternative with our barcode font set.


Stop Characters

The * is the standard stop character.  The ) character is an alternative with our barcode font set.


Supported Characters

A - Z (uppercase only),  0 - 9, hyphen and period.  The percent, plus, backslash, and dollar characters are included in this set, but as in all code 3 of 9 sets, they serve special purpose in converting Code 3 of 9 ( this character set ) into Extended Code 3 of 9. 


Symbology Rules

You may use uppercase letters and numbers only.  In order to scan, your barcodes must include the start and stop character, i.e., *123* or (123).  The +, %, $, and / followed by a letter could possible render unexpected results.  In code 3 of 9,  these characters are used to build the extended code 3 of 9 set.  If your scanner is set up to read the extneded set, these characters will render the single extended ascii character instead of the two code 3 of 9 characters.  For example, if your scanner is set to read the extended set, *+A* will scan a lower case "a".  If your scanner is not set to read the extended set, it will scan as "+A".  These characters followed by numbers scan as expected.


Special Characters

The {Space} character has been added to this font set.  Due to the limitations of several windows applications, this character has been moved to the {~} location.  This means that if you wanted to scan "BARCODE FONTS", you would actually encode "BARCODE~FONTS"



There are several factor that can cause a barcode not to scan properly.  The quality of paper, printer, ink or toner, scanner, and even colors are all components of a successful barcode.  It is impossible for us to say that every barcode you produce will result in a successful barcode therefore by downloading these fonts, you agree that it is your responsibility to ensure that the barcodes you produce will scan.  All of these fonts have been tested for correctness.  By ensuring that you have followed the rules of the symbology increase your chances greatly.


Special Notes about Symbology

This is one of the easiest barcodes to implement.  Mose scanners can read this set without any extra work on your part. 


Special Notes about Usage and Installation

While not necessary for this symbology, you may want to see how to add the VBA script to Microsoft Excel - Click Here


Barcode Fonts Available for Download



Full Version 


The fonts listed  below are for members only.  If you have not yet purchased a license of Carolina Barcode Fonts, please go to our pricing page.  For detailed instructions on installation, follow this link.  Click on the icon that represents the system where you will be loading the fonts. 

If you installed the demo pack that included 4 sample fonts, you

can download the full version of that font pack by clicking here. 


You can also select one of our many different sizes of barcode fonts by selecting one or more of the files below. You may need to scroll in the below box to find a particular item.





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