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Barcode Fonts - Code 2 of 5

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Code 2 of 5 Primer

Code 2 of 5 is not the most complicated barcode to implement, but does require some setup. In 2 of 5, the bars are one character and the spaces are another.  This makes it impossible to create a font that has a one-to-one mapping of characters to barcodes like in Code 3 of 9.  To encode characters, you will need to use Excel, Word, or Access to install the VBA scripts listed below.  Keep in mind that 2 of 5 uses pairs of characters.  This means that if you want to encode 123, the end result will be 0123.  This is a limitation of the symbology. 


Code 2 of 5 will always begin with a narrow bar, narrow space, narrow bar, narrow space.  It will always end in a wide bar, narrow space, and narrow bar.  It must also contain an even number of digits and is only numeric.  In this example, the bars make the numbers 0 and 7 while the spaces make the 3 and the 1.



Difficulty Level
Advanced - VBA scripting required


Start Characters

The + (plus) is the standard start character and must begin each barcode string


Stop Characters

The - (minus) is the standard end character and must end each barcode string.


Supported Characters

Code 2 of 5 supports numeric digits only.  Since it must also contain an even number of digits, this symbology supports characters 00 through 99. 


Symbology Rules

The barcodes that you want to scan must be used in pairs (00, 01, etc).  All barcodes must start with "+" and end with "-".  Some examples of valid barcodes for this symbology are  +01-,  +0132-, and +1234-


Special Characters


There are several factor that can cause a barcode not to scan properly.  The quality of paper, printer, ink or toner, scanner, and even colors are all components of a successful barcode.  It is impossible for us to say that every barcode you produce will result in a successful barcode therefore by downloading these fonts, you agree that it is your responsibility to ensure that the barcodes you produce will scan.  All of these fonts have been tested for correctness.  By ensuring that you have followed the rules of the symbology increase your chances greatly.


Special Notes about Symbology
Unfortunately, a significant number of barcode readers will  not read the Code 2 of 5 set correctly by default.  A barcode string in the manual provided by your scanner manufacturer is usually required to be scanned prior to using the this set.


Special Notes about Usage and Installation
You may need to see how to add the VBA script to Microsoft Excel - Click Here


Barcode Fonts Available for Download

Full Version

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