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Barcode Font - Code 39 Standard Mac Demo

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Standard Code 39 Barcode Font - Mac Font Demo Downloads

The demo version of the Code 3 of 9 barcode font for Mac is a full-featured and complete barcode font. Once installed, the each font allows 4 different styles of barcodes, varying the barcode height, and allowing the display of Human Readable text below the barcode. The illustration below shows how modifying the font style will chance the appearance of the barcode in your document.

Demo Code 39 Barcode Font Options

Carolina Barcode's Code 39 barcode fonts are fully supported and continually improved. Although the demo font is fully functional, the letters E, zero ( 0 ) and S are omitted from the font set. The font will still work for demonstration and application development purposes - including Full-Ascii character encoding. When you purchase the full version, the omitted letters are included. You are also entitled to our full service customer support. And the application you developed will work even better than it did in the demo.

See the installation and usage video here.

Install the Individual Font Files

Macintosh users have 3 files which can be used to evaluate our barcodes on their systems.  Each file produces a different size barcode and includes all four styles.


Download any or all of the .bin files below to your Mac. Then, just double-click the file that was downloaded. You will see the "Font Suitcase" for the font. Double-clicking the "Font Suitcase" will launch the font installer so you can view the specifics of the font.


To view all the fonts you will be able to download once you purchase, click here.

The font files can be deleted from the Font Install if you decide not to use them. The installation program leaves no footprint or files behind on your Mac after the installation.

 Apple Mac CarolinaBar-B39-2.5-22x158x720.bin

 Apple Mac CarolinaBar-B39-2.5-34x130x720.bin

 Apple Mac CarolinaBar-B39-2.5-50x158x720.bin



How to use the Code 39 Demo Font



Once you install the fonts following the instructions above, try out the fonts by using your spreadsheet, word processing or any other application where you can change the font.

Watch the animated demonstration above. Open your favorite application. Type in the what you want to be barcoded, surrounded by an asterisk (*) stop and stop character. Then highlight the text.

Finally, from the font tool bar, select the "CarolinaBar" font that you want to use.

Note that the SPACE is represented by the ~ character.


Character Set


The Standard Code 39 barcode font supports all the capital letters from A to Z and the numbers. Allowed characters are shown in the illustration below. The characters crossed out with the red "X" are disabled in the demo, but part of the full version. Remember, when you purchase you have many fonts you can choose from!

Standard Code 39 Demo Font Character Set

Although the font supports 43 characters, the characters "+", "%", "$" and "/" are used as precedence or control codes, giving you the ability to encode all 128 ASCII characters. Both the demo and the full version of the Standard Code 39 barcode font supports this encoding. Note that encoding ASCII characters not included in the standard 43 supported characters will require a 2 character sequence. It will also require you to program the scanner to allow "Full ASCII Mode" for Code 39 barcodes. Note that the SPACE is represented by the ~ character.

Characters requiring the precedence or control codes are described here. Click Here!

Examples of how to enable your barcode scanner to scan full ASCII characters are shown here. Click here!


Difficulty Level

Anyone can use the Carolina Barcode Standard Code 39 Barcode Font. If you can use a word processor, spreadsheet or publishing application that allows you to modify the fonts, you can be printing barcodes today.



Special Notes and Precautions

Microsoft Word users must take extra steps to disable a feature which disables the ability to create code 3 of 9 barcodes.   Be sure to look at the instructions for disabling this default feature to automatically bold-face options in Word.  Follow this link for instructions.  (Barcodes and Microsoft Word) To determine it this applies to you, if you type in *123*, the default behavior of Word is to remove the *'s and boldface the 123.  You can see this with our product if the characters under the bars disappear after completing the code.